About Tori-Live.io

Tori-Live.io was built and is maintained by ZenChainLabs, providers of secure and reliable blockchain services. We provide validation services to several projects in the Cosmos and outside of it. While our core service is validation, we also provide other services such as our popular Zenscan series of block explorers, as well as public REST/RPC endpoints and staking applications. You can learn more about us from our website, and follow us on Twitter. We invite you to join our Discord server.

Please note that rankings and related information provided on this site are the views of the Tori-Live.io team, and are completely UNOFFICIAL. The official rankings from the Teritori Project team may not be the same as what you currently find on this site, and may not be in the same format. Please rely on the information available on this site ONLY at your own discretion.

If this tool has helped you in any way do consider donations to help keep this work going. You can send donations to:

Tori: tori1g4h7l0ctrcjxm4qwjmh40njujr5t75dq9thf06
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